Goals and Vision

My vision involves transforming the city of Wilmington, NC into the rich and thriving city we all know it can be. We need to do this while preserving the best and most attractive parts of the city’s culture, growth, and historic heritage. In short, we will collaborate to design and build a modern monument and establish ourselves as the best city in the Southeast, the United States, and the World.

Preparing the city for this transformation will require establishing a stage for healthy growth. I believe this can be achieved by setting 8 ambitious but necessary goals for our region, that if reached would improve the overall wealth, progress, and quality of life of every business and citizen within it.

8 Domestic Goals

The 8 goals my proposition identifies are designed to increase both the sense of purpose and actual productivity of the city. They begin with treating human capital as the most important aspect of a society’s infrastructure.

  1. Means – access to education, opportunities for adequate wages, and affordable living
  2. Sustainability – economically and ecologically organized resource management to protect and best utilize our assets
  3. Wellness – transparent and accessible health and wellness care opportunities and health equity
  4. Transportation – reduced barriers to reliable travel throughout the area through public transportation and connected roads and bikeways
  5. Wealth – increased GDP and improved regional economic scorecard through economic development
  6. Telecom – universal access to secure private/public internet and telephone potentially through municipal fiber
  7. Policy – transparent information regarding municipal policy, and reasonable universal access to participate in policy democratically
  8. Identity – shared community ideals and a sense of pride communicated through locally owned media and events


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